Bruch Boards Madness 88 liters (nr449)

Bruch Boards Madness 88 liters (nr449)

In v very good condtion and many peoples favorite board. Comes with fins and straps

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Bruch Boards Madness 88 liters (nr449)

The Madness is our more classic shaped board; the longest and most narrow in our range. It has a beautiful thin pintail, adapted from the new era of compact wave boards, combining all the qualities of the old school with the virtues of the new school, packed into one board. We adjusted the rocker to have the perfect combination of early planing and high top end speed, without compromising control. As such, it affords you with the full focus for jumps, or whatever manoeuvre you wish to do. Designed to excel in ‘down the line’ conditions, it’s also the best cruiser for those, more conventionally-focussed riders.