Foil Drive Assist Max Power Gen2

Foil Drive Assist Max Power Gen2

The Foil Drive Assist MAX Power, generation 2, is perfectly suited to those looking for extra thrust for heavier riders or smaller boards and foils, longer ride times and ultimate flexibility of how you choose to foil. Surf, Wing, Downwind, Wake and Flatwater, the Assist MAX does it all!

It comes as a complete set in a suit case with charger, the Power battery, remote and everything to get you on the water! Just contact us for the correct mast adapter, cable length of the motor and some extra’s like 2 or 3 balde propellors, extra batteries, fast charger and / or spare parts.

We have sets available for testing and renting as well. Contact us for more info, help on choosing the right system set up for you and we will make it happen.
Mail us for more info and help on selecting the right mast adapter and engine cable length as well. We offer various shipping possibilities to Europe mainland if you do not want to pick up the kit yourself here in El Medano and try it here during a first foil assist downwinder!



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