Stoked 85 no.1 by Bruch Boards

Stoked 85 no.1 by Bruch Boards

“Jump on it and GO!
High performance for all levels
Allrounder in all aspects
Designed to stand out in real world waves
That board you will be Stoked with.”

The Stoked is our most versatile wave board.
Small, soft onshore waves to big side shore, it handles all sort of conditions.
Intermediate wave sailors or pro’s, every level will perform on it.

The shape of the Stoked is based on very smooth lines that define the outline.
A Squash Tail combined with quite parallel rails, Smooth volume distribution keeping the tail thinner to maintain the feeling and allowing the board to grip to the wave face.
Thicker mid/front part of the board to allow the ease of use while getting through the shore break; this combination makes this board feel balanced from the first moment you step on it.
Its square shape creates quick release, while its rounded corners provide hold.
This characteristic makes this board the most suitable for waves of all sizes that are not really hollow and steep.
The tail combined with the parallel rails is the best combination to initiate the bottom turn with no effort, maintain speed, explode into the top turn and quickly generate speed again to go for your next turn.

Mono concave from Nose all the way until the front foot, where it transforms into a double concave then Vee in the tail.
The mono concave makes the water flow sucking the bottom surface of the board to the water, allowing control of the board in any hard, windy or choppy conditions.
. The double concave between the feet plus the Vee in the tail, keeps the board alive and helps the turning ability, making it a smooth combination of control and ease of turning.
Our rails are very sharp from the tail to the back center of the board, pulling in progressively until they are rounded all the way to the nose of the board.
This is very simple to explain; the sharp rails on the tail, creates the lift and release to let the fins work and allow direction change with no effort to also give you the extra release on a top turn.
The rounded rails beginning right after your front foot, make the board bite the water and hold on to the surface on a gybe or bottom turn, giving you exactly the amount of control you need to complete your turn.

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