Madness 80 by Bruch Boards

Madness 80 by Bruch Boards

The Madness is our radical wave board.
Heavy winds, hollow small or big waves, on-shore, side-shore or side-off, it does it all.
It is the heavy duty wave board, that the advanced to pro wave sailor would choose, but listen to this!
Same board can be chosen with a flatter rocker, transforming the board in the most ideal FreeWave board.

The shape of the Madness is based on very smooth lines that defines the outline.
A pin tail combined with a quite straight outline along the rails.
Smooth volume distribution keeping the tail thinner to maintain the feeling and allowing the board to grip to the wave face.
Thicker mid/front part of the board to allow the ease of use while getting through the shore break;
This combination makes this board feel balanced from the first moment you step on it.
The pin tail is the key of this board.
This tail gives you the ultimate hold and control.
Its very narrow shape means the tail sinks deeper in the water, giving you extra “traction”, a bit like a big fin would.
Turning ability, either for a gybe or for a bottom turn, it’s done with the tip of your toes.
In the top turn, the amount of grip and control is hard to explain, combined with the regeneration of speed, makes this board flawless.

Mono concave from Nose all the way until the front foot, were it transforms into a double concave into a vee in the tail.
The mono concave makes the water flow sucking the bottom surface of the board to the water, allowing control of the board in any hard, windy or choppy conditions.
The double concave between the feet plus the Vee in the tail, keeps the board alive and helps the turning ability, making it a smooth combination of control and ease when turning.

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