GOYA - NEXUS - 6.9 - 2019

GOYA - NEXUS - 6.9 - 2019

The Nexus remains in the 2019 Goya Sails lineup as their 5-batten freeride contender, described as the “best choice for power, speed and manoeuvres in conditions ranging from flat water to bump and jump”. Available solely in red and black for this season, it can be rigged on either an SDM or RDM, being tested here on the latter. With the same dimensions as last year’s version, the design emphasis has been to improve top-end control and range, without losing any low-end grunt. The considerable downhaul tension required is easy to ascertain, thanks to the visual dot located at the end of the top mini-batten. With more luff curve than any other sail here, the skin in the Nexus’s luff panels is drum-tight, its leech falling away progressively along its length whilst plenty of profile is locked forward in the draft. There’s real quality to the precision of the set achieved (with not a single crease present) and the materials used throughout the Goya’s panels. Some features are primarily for function (such as the carbon stretch control tendons extending from the titanium ring clew eyelet, and the rip-stop material used in the luff sleeve), whilst others give an extra sense of finesse, like the extended moulded tack fairing and leech reinforcements at the end of each batten. There’s a large monofilm window for improved visibility, x-ply scrim in the foot panel to improve durability, and an x-ply / Dacron hybrid luff panel to achieve the desired power delivery.



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