DUOTONE – SUPER HERO – 4.7 – 2022 (S630)

DUOTONE – SUPER HERO – 4.7 – 2022 (S630)

SUPER HERO is THE ultimate wave sail which is made to perform optimally in all wave conditions around the globe. The unrivaled balanced sail is the personal favorite of PWA Wave double world champion Victor Fernandez and is a real World Cup asset that is designed specifically for wave usage. Thanks to the absolutely neutral and perfectly balanced draft position, its handling characteristics are unrivaled and it remains stable and highly controlled in every situation. The SUPER HERO feels like a three-batten design combined with the stability of a five-batten one. The specially developed profile fills out very efficiently and produces high propulsion even when underpowered, which is why it?s suitable for almost all riders, regardless of weight.



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